Are Australian Shepherds Friendly Dogs? Aussies Puppies for Sale

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Australian Shepherds are known for their boundless energy and unique fur but one question everyone wants an answer to is how to find ‘Aussie Puppies for Sale?’ Australian shepherds are unarguably intelligent and energetic. Once they step into a space, their energy fills up the room and they roam from one end to the other in search of activities to keep themselves busy.

We have previously established how smart Australian shepherds are, so in this blog, we will be diving into their temperament to establish just how friendly Aussies are.  Before you search for ‘Australian shepherd puppies for sale near me’, it’s natural to want to know how friendly they are- especially if you’re bringing them into a family with kids or other pets.

Aussies are strong, loyal, agile, and intelligent with a solid inbuilt trait to protect their loved ones. They are able to form very strong bonds with their owners, so is it safe to say that Australian shepherds are friendly dogs?

Aussies love companionship which is why they make the perfect pets for home buddies and people with active lifestyles rather than docile owners. Although they have a friendly and affectionate nature towards their owners, it’s important to socialize your Aussies early if you want them to be friendly towards others.

Socializing your Australian Shepherds

The answer to the question ‘Aussies Shepherd Friendliness’ is tricky because there’s no straight answer. Aussies can be very protective of their owners and children so this can lead to them being a little aggressive towards strangers but at the same time, they can also be very friendly towards strangers too. It all depends on how they have been growing up or how they were trained.

Early socialization is the key to having an Australian shepherd that is friendly. You have to take them out when they are puppies and introduce them to different environments, people, and other animals.

This will help them get used to being around people and other pets from a young age. Introducing them to these things when they are mature can lead to a display of slightly aggressive protectiveness.

They are also innate herders, so when Aussies see a child, or other pets running around, they always feel the need to herd them. Before you find Australian shepherd puppies for sale, know that you must dedicate time to training them and teaching them how to obey your commands.

Before you introduce your Australian shepherd to a dog park or a children’s park, you should already have a recall command that they can answer because Aussies are fond of chasing things down. If they are properly socialized, mini-Australian shepherds grow into very friendly dogs.

If you’re a family searching for an Aussie puppies for sale and worrying about whether they will fit in, you don’t have to. Australian shepherds are very adaptive and family-oriented. As soon they get used to everyone’s face, they become very friendly, patient, and gentle. Aussies are also known to be loyal guardians, especially for younger ones. They watch over children particularly, so it should not be surprising to see them following your kids around.

Australian Shepherds and Other Pets Friendliness

Once you properly introduce them to other pets, they can happily co-exist with them. Although they might exhibit their herding traits sometimes and try to corral the smaller pets, they quickly learn what is acceptable and what is not. If they are raised around other pets, they become very playful and protective of them much like they are with children. This shows the Aussies Shepherd Friendliness quite obviously.

One thing you can be sure an Aussie will not do is harm other animals. They may play roughly but they will never intentionally harm your other pets. They consider the other pets playmates and friends so they will fit right into your family of furry friends.

In conclusion, Australian shepherds are actually friendly dogs! They are loyal to the core and very affectionate. Even though they have inherent herding traits, they adapt quickly to any environment and soon fall in love with everyone in their space. Their training and growing environment can affect how they behave eventually, so it’s important to pay attention to what you teach them.

Responsible training plays a major role in determining just how friendly your Australian shepherd puppy will be. One thing to note is that Aussies require a great deal of mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored.

Boredom can lead to them having behavioral issues or becoming destructive. They need to stay active and mentally stimulated as this also contributes to how they behave in public among other people and pets.

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