Shipping & Delivery

Placing an Order

Safe and Secure Shipping:

At Australian Shepherd For Sale Home, shipping and delivery of the Australian Shepherd to individuals who made purchases are safe and secure. So you don’t have to worry about the entire process. We dispatch your Australian shepherd right from the nearest airport to us once you make all payments, including the shipping fee. This usually takes place through an airline-approved carrier. Transporting all puppies shipped and delivered to the customer involves utilizing a climate-regulated cabin area for pets.

Booking Information and Identification:

As soon as bookings are done, ahead of time, you will be given vital data such as arrival time, flight ticket number, and a reference number. This data helps you to identify your Aussie upon arrival. We ensure that all arrangements are done in such a way that picking up your puppy at the airport is done seamlessly.

Safety Guarantee and Experience:

Also, when it comes to the safety of your puppy, it is guaranteed. We’ve been in the dog breeding business for over a decade now, and have over the years shipped puppies for customers over the plane consistently without flaws or failures. Upon shipping, ensuring proper reservations on the plane are made for the puppy while at the airport. Securing their comfort throughout the transit process is our priority. Our previous customers can attest to this fact. Do well to check some of our testimonials to see what previous customers are saying about us.

Shipping Duration and Arrival:

Typically, at Australian Shepherd For Sale Home, shipped puppies arrive at the airport within 5-7 hours of the same day subsequent to shipping. This is also largely dependent on your location. For shipping done within the US, or Canada, arrivals are mostly likely to take a shorter time. However, shipping done outside the US may take a longer timeframe.

Airline-Approved Shipping Containers:

Also, part of the reason we ship our puppies via airplanes is to ensure the fast and safe delivery of the dog, particularly for those living in a distant state. We use an airline-approved plastic puppy compartment that is customizable to ship our puppies. The kennel is designed in such a way that it controls the effect of climate change on the puppy. A few factors are put in place when choosing a kennel for shipping. Factors such as the duration and distance of the journey, along with the weight of the Australian shepherd.

Comfort Measures during Shipping:

For safety, we provide food and water during shipping, ensuring ample provisions for potential delays. Pre-shipping playtime helps puppies acclimate, and crates are marked for easy identification. For efficiency and a comfortable journey, the shortest route is selected, minimizing transit time.

Weather Considerations and Adaptability:

We prioritize the well-being of our puppies, ensuring favorable weather conditions for every shipping process. If we observe any form of negative weather, we may suspend shipping. Australian Shepherds exhibit high adaptability, typically blending into their new environment within one or two days. Customer testimonials affirm that our pets quickly acclimate to their surroundings, ensuring a comfortable transition.

Customer Communication:

We understand that we may not be able to fully provide all possible answers to questions. What we’ve explained above is the most crucial part of our shipping and delivery process.If you have any questions about our shipping/delivery policy, kindly contact us, and let’s chat.

Safety for Our Mini Australian Shepherd for Sale

Our safety and comfort measures mean adding Australian Shepherd food and water. We provide food and water for our puppies during shipping for many reasons. If the puppy gets stuck at an airport overnight, we don’t have to worry about what they would eat. This can happen due to flight connection problems or weather.
Our shipping crates have colorful markers that differentiate them from others on board. It includes the confirmation number, the destination airport, and the customer’s address.
We use the shortest route during shipping to avoid spending a lot of time in transit.

Mini Aussies for sale

For every shipping process, we ensure the weather is okay on our end and the customer’s end. Since our puppies’ health is our priority, we provide the weather safe for shipping. We may suspend shipping if we observe any form of negative weather.  
Of course, we will contact you about any changes to the shipping schedule. Australian shepherds adapt quickly, so the puppy may take one or two days to get used to the new environment.Many customers have mentioned that our pets adapt quickly and feel very comfortable.
Final Shipping Info
We understand that we may be unable to answer all possible questions. But, what we’ve explained above constitutes the most crucial part of our shipping and delivery process.
If you have any questions about our shipping/ delivery policy, kindly contact us, and let’s chat.
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