Health Guarantee

Commitment to Health and Longevity

At Australian Shepherd For Sale Home, we aim to breed, care for, and sell healthy Australian shepherds. Our goal is for customers to enjoy their pets for 10 to 15 years. Understanding the pain of losing a companion, we provide necessary health guidelines, medications, and tips whenever needed. In case your puppy needs medical attention, we guarantee support with all necessary medication.
Health Guarantee and Support

If a life-threatening disease is discovered due to congenital, hereditary disorders, or genetics, we promptly replace your puppy. After a careful examination, you can choose from our male or female collections. Submission of x-rays or a second opinion may be required. If such conditions lead to your puppy’s demise within six months, we offer a replacement, contingent upon receiving medical certifications.

Replacement Policy for Life-Threatening Conditions

It’s important to note that puppies, like all living things, may fall ill occasionally. While we cannot guarantee that your Aussie will never need more than veterinary care, we ensure that we do not sell unhealthy puppies. All necessary medical tests are conducted before your purchase and delivery. If your puppy encounters a common, non-genetic illness, we won’t reimburse veterinary expenses. You will bear responsibility for all associated costs.

Australian Shepherd For Sale

Health Guarantee Measures

At Australian Shepherd For Sale Home, we prioritize breeding and selling healthy Aussie puppies. To ensure satisfaction, we conduct two-way confirmatory tests. A medical examination is performed within a week of your purchase. We recommend your vet conducts an exam 3 to 5 days after delivery to confirm the puppy’s condition.

As a precaution, we provide age-suitable vaccinations and deworming guidelines with your Aussie puppy. Upon delivery, you receive documents detailing your puppy’s vaccinations, deworming, and care schedule.

Exclusions from the Guarantee

While we aim to serve well, we don’t take responsibility for issues due to oversights. We won’t be liable if your puppy’s health problems result from an improper diet on your part. Our responsibility demands proof of a proper diet and vet approval for food changes. We may decline to replace your puppy if there’s a lapse in proper medical care. We assess measures like flea prevention, vaccines, and heartworm prevention. Your vet must annually test your puppy for health conditions. Non-compliance frees us from indebtedness, voiding the guarantee.

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