Exploring Types of Australian Shepherds: Size and Color Considerations

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Australian Shepherds are beloved dogs known for intelligence, loyal, and agility. When exploring the world of Australian Shepherds, you may come across various “types” or size variations within the breed. Understanding these different types, including the standard, miniature, and toy Australian Shepherds. It can help you decide when choosing the right Australian shepherd for sale, fitted for your lifestyle.  This guide will delve into the characteristics, temperaments, and considerations associated with types of Australian Shepherds. Whether you’re seeking a larger, more active companion or a compact, adaptable friend, this comprehensive overview will assist you in navigating the world of Australian Shepherd types.

Why You Need To Know The Different Types Of Aussie

Knowing the different types of Australian Shepherds is important for several reasons. Let’s explore some of these reasons.

Size and Space

Understanding the size variations within the breed is essential to determine the best-suited Australian Shepherd for your living situation. If you have limited space or live in an apartment, consider a miniature or toy Australian Shepherd, as they require less room than the standard-sized version.

Activity Level

Different types of Australian Shepherds may have varying energy levels and exercise needs. Standard Australian Shepherds are typically more active and require ample physical and mental stimulation. On the other hand, miniature and toy Australian Shepherds may still be energetic but require slightly less exercise.


Knowing the different types, you can better assess which Australian Shepherd type aligns with your lifestyle and activity preferences. A standard Australian Shepherd may be a great companion if you enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking or running. A miniature or toy Australian Shepherd might be a better choice if you prefer a smaller dog that can adapt to various living situations.

Personal Preferences

Some individuals have a specific preference for a certain size or look within the Australian Shepherd breed. Being aware of the different types allows you to make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and what you find visually appealing.


Different types of Australian Shepherds may have varying levels of availability, depending on the region and breeder. Understanding the types helps you focus your search and find reputable breeders or rescue organizations that specialize in your desired specific type.

Explore The Types of Australian Shepherds Available


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Delve into the diverse world of Australian Shepherds and explore the various types available.

Types Based on Sizes

Standard Australian Shepherd: The standard Australian Shepherd is the original and most common type. They are medium-sized dogs, typically standing between 18 to 23 inches (46 to 58 cm) tall at the shoulder and weighing between 40 to 65 pounds (18 to 29 kg). Standard Aussies are known for their agility, intelligence, and versatility in various activities.

Miniature Australian Shepherd: The miniature Australian Shepherd, often called the “Mini Aussie,” is a smaller size variation. They stand between 14 to 18 inches (36 to 46 cm) tall at the shoulder and weigh between 20 to 40 pounds (9 to 18 kg). Mini Aussies possess the same herding instincts, intelligence, and athleticism as their larger counterparts but in a more compact size.

Toy Australian Shepherd: The toy Australian Shepherd is the smallest size variation. They are typically less than 14 inches (36 cm) tall at the shoulder and weigh under 20 pounds (9 kg). Toy Aussies retain the same traits and characteristics as standard and miniature Australian Shepherds but in a tiny package.

Types by Color

Australian Shepherds come in a wide range of beautiful coat colors and patterns. While the breed standard does not recognize specific color variations, the following are some common color patterns you may find in Australian Shepherds:

Black Tri: This is one of the most common and recognizable color patterns. Black tris have a black base color with white markings on the face, chest, and legs. They often have copper or tan points on the eyebrows, cheeks, legs, and under the tail.

Red Tri: Red tris have a reddish-brown or liver base color with white markings and copper or tan points. The intensity of the red color can vary, ranging from lighter shades to deep mahogany tones.

Blue Merle: Blue Merle is a striking color pattern characterized by a marbled or mottled blue-gray base color with black patches. This pattern often includes white markings and can also have copper or tan points. The marbling effect creates a unique and beautiful appearance.

Red Merle: Similar to the blue merle, the red merle coat pattern features a marbled or mottled red base color with lighter red or cream patches. The coat may also have white markings and copper or tan points, adding to its distinctive look.

Red: Some Australian Shepherds have solid red coats without the merle pattern. These dogs have a uniform reddish-brown or liver color throughout their coat, sometimes with small white markings.

Black: Solid black Australian Shepherds have a uniform black color throughout their coat. They may have small white markings on the chest, face, or feet.

Some are the Rare Australian Shepherd colors which can also come in other less common colors, such as red tris with dilute coat colors (known as “lemon tris”) and variations with additional white markings or unique patterns.

Where To Find Reliable Suppliers

To find a reliable Australian Shepherd breeder, seek recommendations from trusted sources like veterinarians or breed clubs. Visit reputable breeders or rescues, and inquire about health screenings, vaccination records, and guarantees. This ensures you welcome a healthy companion into your family confidently.

Finding a supplier with years of expertise in this field, who supplies neat and healthy Aussies and is trustworthy, can pose a significant challenge.  The good news is that you are in the right spot.

At Australian Shepherd For Sale, you can choose from a collection of different types of Aussies ranging in different sizes and colors, all in good health condition. The beauty of our collections lies in the fact that all dogs are tested and guaranteed for quality. You can check out what our happy customers are saying about us HERE.


The Australian Shepherd comes in different types that include sizes and colors. Understanding these different types of colors and sizes, including the standard, miniature, and toy Australian Shepherds, can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right Australian shepherd for sale, fitted for your lifestyle.

If you need any help with making an informed decision on what size or color to buy, you can get in touch with us right away, and LET’S TALK.

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